Cairo Tour Package

cairo is an open museum of a unique mixture of monuments of pharaonic, Greco-roman, Christians and Islamic monuments including the great pharaonic wanders the pyramids at Giza and Sakkara where the step pyramid is located also the ancient Coptic churches of the early Christianity including the hanging church as will a Jewish synagogue, finally a countless number of Islamic monuments including mosques, streets, palaces citadels and house.

for a few days, the visitors of Cairo can see too many high lights a day tours to Giza Plateau to see pyramids the greatest world buildings ever known and the world ancient wonder the visit to the citadel, hanging church and the Jewish synagogue.

Second day: The Egyptian Museum and the old Islamic Cairo including the ancient Islamic mosques and houses then a free round through the ancient bazaar in the middle east which is known as Khan Elkhalili.

another day to Sakkara where the step Pyramide and it’s complex still amaze

the visitors then father more to the old Memphis which was the first capital of Egypt Established by mina the first king of the first dynasty of the old king dam 3400 years B.C. which was surrounding by a white wall of limestone so it was known as men-nefer which means the city of the white enclosure wall but the greek changed the name from men-nefer into Memphis and was Stretched from Mydoom at the south till the north of Giza plateau.

The Cairo Nights are attractive with its different activities like the Cruise Dinner, Theatres and the Great Opera House.

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