Felucca is the traditional sailboat used for sailing along the Nile in Egypt. Felucca Nile Cruise is a wide riverboat with a flat, open deck covered with soft mattresses and has a canopy which provides shade from the sun. A felucca sailboat gives you a glimpse of people, culture and lifestyles of Egypt which makes Egypt one of the most fascinating country.

Egypt is blessed with the southerly wind that pushes sailboats upriver while allowing them to return on its current downstream. The felucca Nile Cruise has remained, over the centuries, the primary transportation of the Nile Egypt.
A large tiller is used for steering and you can also find a large amount of storage space under the deck.
The crew members provide you with Nubian foods and can have breakfast, lunch and dinner while enjoying the true beauty of the Nile In Egypt and also, you can get flavours of Egyptian tea and Nubian cake.
Feluccas are run by locals who called Nubians and the ships were also filled with Nubian culture and all the meals prepared on the ship by the hostess beside we watch rural Egyptian life while passing down the Nile.

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