Nile Cruise Ship Classifications

Nile cruise ship ratings vary a lot in quality and you can be very disappointed if you’re taken in by the very low price and/or misleading pictures shown on many websites.

Even if you search for ratings on review sites like TripAdvisor or Holiday Watchdog, it’s still difficult to get an accurate perception of the true quality a cruise ship. Remember the old motto “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is?” Well, this ageless proverb was made to help us avoid bad choices and it’s free advice! The bottom line is perceptions and/or standards in Egypt are simply not in line with western standards.

Here’s how it usually works. Ratings you see on the internet for most Nile cruise ships are rated by the Egyptian authorities, typically by friends at the dinner table but the problem is their rating system is based different decisive factors than what you might expect.

We prefer to use more general terms with pictures and details to be more biased so our scores are more in line with your expectations. And if we seriously disappoint you, be sure we’ll be available to discuss your criticism personally even after your return home.

Here are some of the criteria we use for our Nile cruise services. First, we do not put our guests on any boats we wouldn’t go on ourselves.

We don’t use boats that permit river rat guests. We offer selective range cruise ships that meet 95% of our client’s needs. Tourist class is a good choice for budget travellers, the deluxe class for clients who need a little more than basic comfort, and luxury class for clients who want to need to be spoiled in royalty.

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