Marsa Alam Day Tour

Marsa Alam is port and resort located on the red sea at the south-east of Egypt it’s about 700 kilometres away from Cairo and 270 south of Hurghada also 135 south of Al Qusseir and not far away from Edfu and Luxor on the Nile valley.

Marsa Alam is one of the ancient ports by the Red Sea as the monastery of antiquities has uncovered the remains of the ancient city which was used as the port to Africa also surrounded by the location of the ancient gold miles as well as precious & Semi Precious stones. Since the early pharaonic times especially during the new kingdom as it was recorded on Hatpshut temple (the journey to Somalia)and many other pharaohs. So trips from Marsa Alam to Luxor for a day could be done easily either by driving through the east and desert or flight as Marsa Alam has an airport can serve 50000 Passengers.

Marsa Alam was changed from just a small to become a famous sea resort and centre for diving and sea trips.

The shore of Marsa Alam contains amazing coral reefs and diving sport as it on very clean shore with white sands and moderated water suit or diving and snorkelling activities, the government of Egypt started to give attention to Marsa Alam a pan will make Marsa Alam the 2nd to Sharm el-Sheikh by 2020so, more hotels and facilities will be added to achieve the gold.

There are many other activities at Marsa Alam beside water activities there is safari tour on Bedouin camels to enjoying the mountains and watching the bizarre rock formation in the desert also having dinner, tea and coffee at an Arabian tent in warming welcoming by those Bedouins and enjoying their delicious food.

Marsa Alam is one of the unique places in Egypt to make a relaxing stay and in such a simple city with its nice shore and many untouched (Virgin) Places.

Natural scenes of the mountain and marvels sea Shore and underwater life.

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