Aswan City is in the south of Egypt on the borders with Sudan.

It’s Known as ( Sono ) during the pharaonic time, which means the market area between Egypt and Africa.

So trade for Goods changement between EGYPT & The African Counties. changing Egyptian goods by African goods.

such as Ibny, Ivery, Glue, Dwarfs, Giraffes, Leopards, Skin, herbs and spices.


The Mean inhabitants of Aswan are Nubians. as Aswan is the Egyptian part of Nubia between Egypt and Sudan.


The word Nubia means gold. so all mines of gold were at Nubia.

That why the pharaohs send Expeditions to secure the gold there. To show their existence they built many temples there.


Aswan attractions are famous for many things. like the two Dams (the British old dam & the high dam).

The natural scenes of the islands caused by the Nile During digging.


It’s the way through the hart Granite basement the cataract, a piece of the Nile now.

As the famous natural reserved in Egypt with the beautiful warm weather in winter.

Aswan Attractions

Aswan succeeded to attract former kings of Egypt to build there palace.

The old cataract still attracts of VIP of the hall world to enjoy the location and the best sunset ever.


also, Aswan city owns many monumental sizes including the pharaonic temples.

(Abu Simbel Temples) Greco- Roman Temples. as well as the Christian & the Islamic monuments.


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