Alexandria History 

Alexandria called “the Mediterranean bride” by Egyptians. Because of its wonderful weather, and great history since the Greeks established it.

The ancient village called Racottes, they named it Alexandria to memorize the name of their great leader Alexander the great.

It’s become the political capital of Egypt. During the Greek-Roman time 233BC & till Islam conquer 641 A.D.


The city of Alexandria includes too many monuments back to the Greco-Roman period.

Like the catacomb of Kom Elshakafa, the Greek threat, and Bombay pillar.

plus many submerged underwaters of the sea that still needs more efforts for rescue.


Biblioteca “The Great Library”

For sure the Alexandria was famous for its ancient great library.

Which known as the Biblioteca. Its included more than 800000 Scripts of human sciences in old fields.

The Library built during the late Bytomolic period. (during the rain of the famous Queen Cleopatra the 7th).

At the late twentieth century, a great project carried out to revive that library.

After that, the library opens its door back to the visitors. They enjoy the amazing design.

Also, they enjoy rounding through its halls and corridors. So it became the most attractive site to visit.

Either by staying there for a few days or an over day or night from Cairo.

as well for the overseas cruise boats that stop by its shore.


During Islamic time, the great citadel of Qitebey established. as well as many palaces and gardens during Mohamed Ali family.


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