Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel Is a small city located by the lake Nasser near the southern border of Egypt. almost 50 km.s of the Sudanese northern borders at the ancient area of Nubia.
It took its fame after the great rock-cut two temples, that back to the time of the famous Pharoah RamessesII.
This Temple has considered as a miracle of the architecture of the pharaohs.
there are many theories about the choice of this location by RamssesII. so it may be choosing to show his existence at Nubia which where the gold mines were located.
or to scare enemies who may attach the southern borders but the logic theory was to defy himself in that area.
The two temples covered and left abandoned for about 2000 years. After that, the Italian “Belzoni” had discovered them on his return from Sudan.
These two temples are unique. not because they are the only rock-cut temples in Egypt, but also the strange annual phenomenon happens up till now.
As the sun rays perpendicular illuminate the statues of the owner Ramesses II & the other gods at the innermost sanctuary for 70 meters twice a year.
these 2 days were the birth & the coronation days of RamessesII

High Dam and Rescue mission

Egypt started to build the High Dam 1960 A.D.
The whole Nubian area expected to submerge under the Lake Nasser which stretched between Egypt & Sudan for 500 k.ms.
that led the UNESCO to send an international appeal for the world free states to share in the Rescue of too many temples.
Especially those 2 temples of Abu Simbel, for which 50 international companies met at Switzerland.
Using modern technology techniques, will well-done planes. they managed to move these 2 temples to their now location 200 meters away from, and 55 meters above.
That great rescue process ensured that the phenomenon of the sun still illuminates the statues at the sanctuary.
with only 1 day delay instead of 21st of October, and 21 of February it Becomes 22 of both months.
Also, the artificial Doms behind them still give the impression as they are still pieces of the mountain.

How To reach Abu Simbel

Now Abu Simbel back to its position as one of the outstanding touristic site.
It can be reached from Aswan either by half hour flight from Aswan airport to Abu Simbel airport.
or by four our driving throughout Sahara desert (Egypt western desert).

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